Your lettering journey begins here!

Our courses and workbooks are intended for absolute beginners or those who have tried a bit of lettering are are looking to improve and perfect their letter forms.


What will I learn?

We begin by understanding the letter breakdown, then trace letters and move to writing freehand. Upon completing, you will have perfected basic strokes, warm-up drills and every letter in an uppercase and lowercase modern form!

  • 67-page downloadable and printable PDF workbook

  • Learn majuscule (uppercase) and minuscule (lowercase) letters

  • Includes basic strokes, warm-up and drill exercises and grid a template for further practice

  • Share work, request feedback and have your questioned answered with a private invite to our member-only Facebook Typerie community


“The Typerie lettering course is a great starting point for any brush letterer, breaking down each form into simple concise instructions, making it easy for anyone to understand. I've definitely seen improvement, both in my form and in my line weights!”

– Thomas Appleby


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Learn Copperplate Calligraphy

Learn the basic rules, techniques and letter forms of traditional copperplate calligraphy. This timeless skill, has been around since 

Coming soon

Learn Modern Calligraphy

These days, modern calligraphy is an extremely sought after skill. You'll be able to create your own calligraphy art pieces ready to frame, cards, gifts and perhaps even put your new found skills to commercial use. Expand away from traditional calligraphy styles to find and embrace your own modern style.