Calligraphy Cake Topper

Calligraphy Cake Topper

Cakes form a part of every celebration. Why not combine with calligraphy to add a personal touch to any event?

These DIY cake toppers are an inexpensive way to adorn your dessert table and can be customized with colors and type!

What you'll need

Card stock (minimum 160gsm/60lb)
Tissue paper
2 x Bamboo Skewers
Calligraphy pen, brush pen or marker
Scissors or blade


  1. To create tassels for your garland, cut the tissue paper 12.5cm (5”) wide and 18cm (7.5”) long. Fold in half.
  2. Cut thin, long strips into the paper about 3/4 of the way down. Do not cut on the folded edge.
  3. Open and lay flat. Begin to roll into strips.
  4. Repeat the steps above for as many tassels as you would like.
  5. Measure and cut a 65cm (25.5”) piece of string.
  6. Fold each tassel over the string and twist in the middle to tighten and hold.
  7. Measure a strip of card around 20cm (7.8”) with your pencil and ruler.
  8. Cut to shape and snip each end to create a flag shape.
  9. Decorate the card with your message.
  10. Tape the back of the card to the two bamboo skewers and attach the string of the garland to the skewers with a knot on each end.
  11. Insert the topper into your cake, and you’re done!

Note: The sizes above are just an estimate. Keep in mind, the bigger the cake, the bigger the tassels, the longer the garland and string and larger the sign.

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