Learn Brush Lettering: Course Workbook

Learn Brush Lettering: Course Workbook


Your purchase includes:

  • A 67-page downloadable and printable PDF workbook
  • Learn majuscule (uppercase) and minuscule (lowercase) letters
  • Basic strokes, warm-up and drill exercises and grid a template for further practice
  • Private invite to our member-only Facebook Typerie community where you can share work, receive direct feedback on your progress and have your workbook questions answered
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This workbook is intended for absolute beginners or those who have tried a bit of lettering are are looking to improve and perfect their letter forms.

We begin by understanding the letter breakdown, then trace letters and move to writing freehand. Upon completion, you will have perfected basic strokes, warm-up drills and every letter in an uppercase and lowercase modern form!

What you’ll need:

  • A brush pen (recommended markers: Artline Stix, Crayola Markers, Tombow Brush Pens or Sakura Koi)
  • Access to a printer

What our students have said...

“The Typerie lettering course is a great starting point for any brush letterer, breaking down each form into simple concise instructions, making it easy for anyone to understand. I've definitely seen improvement, both in my form and in my line weights!” —Thomas Appleby

“This course shares the breadth of knowledge that Enza has. The breakdown of how-to is concise, yet full, and helps you get right to practicing. The course is well laid out and easy to follow. The workbook really gives me a place to return to practicing when I feel I need a refresher on forms and foundation strokes. Plus the blank lined page is the perfect place to continually practice! After each letter, you tick off your objectives and I really felt accomplished when I ticked off the whole alphabet!” —Cecily Moore